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Argo is a business-to-business(B2B) customer referral network, which helps each of its merchant members to thank their own customers with gifts to other merchants on the network and in reciprocation receive new customers from the network.

When you give an Argo gift to one of your customers, you'll introduce them to another e-commerce business. In return, other e-commerce businesses will give Argo gifts to their customers, introducing them to you.

Your customers get great gifts and you get discovered by the valued customers other businesses thank with Argo gifts. What's not to love?
It depends on which plan you opt-in to. The Starter plan starts at $49 per month fee + 5% commission on every sale that Argo generates. Commission is calculated net of applied gift amount. For example, if a customer buys an item that costs $50 and you offer a $10 gift your net sales will be $40 ($50-$10 gift) and your commission to Argo on this sale will be 5% x $40 = $2. Please check out the pricing page for more details.

When you sign up, you'll create a gift and set the gift card value. We'll feature your gift in the network and you'll start getting discovered by new customers right away.
A shirt, a pair of shoes, the perfect bar of chocolate. Popular gifts include: $15 gift certificate to a chocolate site, a $25 gift certificate to a clothing boutique and $10 towards great cosmetics.

We tell business owners that an Argo gift should feel just like that… a gift. It shouldn't be a discount, but rather a true gift so that people who receive them can discover your business and experience it without having to pay more.
For businesses with less than 10K in monthly transaction volume, no, you don't. Our proprietary matching algorithms select the best gift options for each of your customers. To be extra sure they get the right gifts, we take into account hundreds of data points like where they shop and what items they like to buy. As an added precaution, we automatically deselect the businesses that are in the same business vertical and sell products similar to yours.

For businesses with more than 10K in monthly transaction volume, you have an option to select which gifts your customers will see, but we recommend that you let our matching algorithms to their job.
We've got you covered. Your customers will not receive gifts to your competitors unless you approve it. For example, an online wine shop would never send their best customers to a competing wine shop. On the flipside, if there are e-commerce businesses that you love, you can refer them to join the Argo Network. A diverse and interesting mix of merchants on the Argo Network makes the network stronger and helps to grow everyone's revenue.
Argo gifts will be offered to every customer that checks out on your website. Not only are they the kinds of customers other websites would appreciate getting as customers, as more consumers discover more businesses on the Argo Network, the greater is the incremental revenue the network can deliver to each individual merchant.
When was the last time you thanked your customers? We don’t mean a casual thank you as you hand customers their merchandise or receipt. We’re talking a genuine, unique, relevant and sincere “thank you” that tells your customers that you value and appreciate them for who they are as people. Being thankful and expressing your gratitude to your customers goes a long way toward improving relationships and your bottom line. It’s good for your customers and you.
Remember, your customers have a choice. They can go anywhere and get the services you offer. What makes you stand out? We think loyalty comes in part from your gratitude. Telling your customers that you’re truly grateful for them helps them feel better about themselves. They want to come back to visit you because of how you make them feel. Sincere gratitude builds loyalty and helps your business grow.
According to a CEI survey, nearly 86 percent of consumers will pay more for a better customer experience. They want to know that they come first. When you greet them by name, provide assistance as they shop, value your customers as people and show gratitude, you improve their customer experience during and after the sale.
Thanking customers tells them that they made the right choice by visiting your store. People who feel good about shopping in your store will tell their friends. Those friends tell their friends, and the positive word of mouth cycle continues. That’s how you gain new customers without spending big bucks on advertising, so improve your customer base and referrals thanks to positive word of mouth advertising that comes when you say thanks often.
Why do customers keep visiting you instead of your competitors or big box stores? Usually,it’s relationship. The employees and owner know them by name, greet them, help problem solve and in general value them as more than income. Being thankful for each person who walks in your doors, whether they window shop or buy out the store, nurtures relationships today and into the future.
Do you remember how you felt the last time you thanked someone? Being thankful elevates your mood and improves your outlook. Instead of focusing on problems, you’ll feel energized to look for solutions as you remain grateful to your customers.We’re big fans of showing thanks because it’s polite. It’s also one of the best tools for building relationships and making your customers feel appreciated and wanted. We encourage you to create a strategy that shows your customers how thankful you are for them. What can you do today to start showing gratitude?
We review every gift to make sure it's suitable for the network, including the gift's image, language, and type. Once approved, gifts are offered to customers that (according to our proprietary algorithm) are likely to be interested in discovering a business like yours. Customers who select your gift, get a gift card to your website. We also request reviews every time a person redeems a gift. This helps Argo maintain high gift quality.
Yes, they do. Depending on the type of business you have and the gift you create, a person who selects your gift will have 30 days to redeem it. 
Once a consumer claims your gift, we send them an email with their gift card which includes a unique single use 8-character discount code and we also automatically inject the gift card as an entry in your “discounts” list on your e-commerce platform.  Gifts are redeemed on the check out page of your website where the shopper can enter the issued discount code to receive the value of the gift card as a discount at the time of their check out. Basically, once you launch your gift, we do all of the work behind the scenes, and the process for you and your customers is seamless. Argo relies on business owners to honor the full value of the Argo gift, subject to the rules and restrictions that each business put in place when they created that gift. If you'd like to change your gift offer, you can do that at any time through your merchant portal. Live gifts cannot be altered, and participating Argo Merchants agree to honor all gift cards that have been issued.
That depends on you, your gift amount, quality of your site and products. Argo will offer your gift to customers that we believe are right for your business. We monitor gift performance to make sure gifts are being selected and redeemed at rates that bring in the number of leads Argo Member Merchants expect. The system course corrects as needed, and can be adjusted from the Argo Merchant Dashboard. This way, business owners can manage how many new customers they acquire each month.
Yes, we do. We ask for feedback every time someone uses an Argo gift. You can review this feedback in your Argo account. It's a great way to make sure your business is always making a good first impression. We also give you statistics which tell you how many people returned to you website when and how often.
People love getting gifts, especially thank you gifts. That's how Argo helps e-commerce merchants keep their customers happy. Happy customers are repeat customers, and that's good for everyone. Argo also helps people discover or get reacquainted with other websites. This works so well that many of our merchants believe that giving Argo gifts makes more sense than advertising, coupons or referral programs. Giving Argo gifts strengthens the e-commerce ecosystem for merchants in an increasingly competitive Amazon-dominated world. Argo gifts promote shopping at smaller websites that are often owned by individuals that make a living by running their e-commerce businesses. When your existing customers receive an Argo gift as a thank you, you'll be helping them discover another eCommerce business. At the same time, another eCommerce business will use Argo to give one of their customers a thank you gift — introducing them to you.
No. Businesses cannot sell their Argo gift cards. Also, Argo gift cards have no cash value. They're simply an invitation for the recipient to select a gift from the options offered in the e-mail. Once a gift is selected, Argo will issue a gift certificate that's valid at the selected e-commerce business.
Today, Argo works with websites on the Shopify and BigCommerce platforms. We are working on connecting to other e-commerce platforms, so please stay tuned and send us an e-mail at hello@argoperks.com if you would like for us to consider working with your e-commerce platform.
Signing up for Argo is easy. Please visit Shopify or BigCommerce app stores and install the Argo app. The whole process will take just a few minutes. There's no credit card required and no obligation to continue. Once your gift is approved, we'll start sending new customers to your site right away.

Argo is the best new app to increase online sales in 2020

Argo is a network that helps e-commerce get discovered by new customers every time they thank their own customers with Argo gifts.
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